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Canadian Labrador Retriever Breeder Tattoo Combinations

These breeders want to take back any of their dogs who end up in a rescue situation.  Please, if a dog of their breeding is in your rescue or shelter, contact them.

As well, the Labrador Owners Club lists the tattoo combinations of their members here.

Breeders, if you would like your information added to this list, please go here.

This information was last updated on Tuesday June 30, 2009 at 11:25 PM EST

Tattoo Combo Tattoo Location Name Kennel E-mail Phone
12U Ears Linda & Bob Wishneski Rosefield 250-368-6541
2DL Left Ear Dorothy & Eric Lamminmaki Teneh   807-767-8194
2NU Left Ear Debbie & Fred Waterer Hobocreek 250-441-0095
3MS Right Ear Beth Hatfield Naiad 506-757-2555
48H Flank S. Marshall Markeyda 604-584-8682
49Y Ear June Onda Corhampton 905-389-1779
4KT Left Ear Colleen Smith Sagecreek 506-634-0549
4VV Right Flank/Left Ear Diane Kendall Cawarra 905-952-0093
5BK Left Ear Lesley Bailey Rayneriver 204-866-4090
5PT Right Ear Emile Thibodeau & Adeline Boudreau Woodenbridge 506-344-7247
6EN Left Ear Janet Bourgeois JBEE 506-854-3241
6NY Right Ear LeeAnne Kiefer Oaksill 905-779-3716
7SR Left Ear/Microchip Heather M. Dobson Jaunenoir 705-732-2743
7WT Right Ear, pup's number left ear Charles & Judy Hunt Windanna 403-255-4814
9AX Right Ear Renee Smith Taureon 613-475-3266
9LC Right Ear Dennis & Brenda Robbins Sundee 403-395-2353
9RJ Right Ear Darla Mayer BestWest 306-692-2770
AFX Left Ear Wendy & Brent Harrison Camelottails 613-968-9508
AYX Left Ear or Right Flank Dee Parsons Willowrose 403-938-5247
BCT Left Ear or Right Flank Gwenda &/or
Shannon Davies
BMJ Left Ear Nancy Dagley Wildbrook 902-543-2224
BMW Right Ear Lauriss Detzler Stonewood 519-367-3414
BVF Right Ear or Left Flank Leslie Grant Gorsebrook 905-434-4945
BXU Right Ear Norbert and Jane Wewer Hunterleigh 613-259-3099
C5T Left Ear or Left Flank Dorothy & Darryl Havrelock Beaumark 780-469-5718
C7B Right Ear Jolene Lingnau Eagertrieve 780-361-0290
CR9 Left Ear Gail Kleeabum Lovalab 204-523-3378
D9M Right Ear Carolyn Beard Keelcroft 604-864-2929
DGC Right ear Kelly Sukstorf Devoir 613-258-3263
DHG Left Ear Dana & Dan Cooke Shemano 807-933-4097
DMD Flank Tami Marks Shadesi 780-922-8358
DUV Left Ear Linda Wyatt-deGroot Staghorn 613-354-9267
EJ2 Joan Calder Amaranth
FAR Left Flank Janet Healy Jandor 606 856 8824
FAV Right Ear Julia Thom Clearlake 705-456-4110
FCS Right Ear Michelle Delaliaux Rivercove 204-853-2017
GX8 L/R Flank Sandy LaRocque Pathways 250-818-3802 or
GYE Right Ear Marg Ziegler Ziegfield 403-285-2535
J4N Right Ear Carole Nickerson Carho 902-742-7319
J9P Left Ear John & Cindy Drobot Drobot's 403-938-4270
K5L Left ear Mary Lynn Davis Camlab 902-866-4466
KG2 Left or Right Ear Angela Bradley Sandyshore 902 723-2724
LLE Right Flank Carol Burrows Ironridge 705-793-1495
LZZ Left Ear Randy, Carol, & Andrew Ethridge Masonridge 613-923-2548
MHG Left Flank Cathy Tweeddale Duckndogs 604-539-5262
MRW Left or Right Ear Jacklyn Hayhurst Evenstar 905-892-3012
MWH Left Ear Liz Gingell Ginander 519-442-1470
ND2 Left flank Angela Guyton-Tyrrell Nyroca 905-655-1172
NGP Right Ear Robin Traynor Traynors 250-296-3698
NP5 Right Ear Christy Saam Bridge Creek 250-395-3233
NRW Right or Left Flank Denise Branch Bluesouth 519-738-9642
NWM Right Ear Carol Becker Wintercreek 780-693-2509
OGU Right Ear Jim and Gail Dubrick Geneva 519-656-3365
OXZ Right Ear Jean-Louis Blais & Madeleine Charest Chablais 418-888-4888
PHK Right Ear Heather Sheridan HDS 519-426-4247
PKW Right Ear Wendy Cook Everwood 902-532-5865
PP7 Right Ear Shelley Maloney Tristar 604-462-0961
PTC Left Ear Randy Mahar Emerald Isle 902-887-2428
PWD Left Flank Kelly Kavanagh Kinlochleven 450-510-0816
R3G Right Ear Charlotte Ryan Gaff 519-369-5554
R6A Right ear Tina Turcotte Swentina 450-548-2906
R6Y Right Ear Janice Kivimaki &
Henry Morin
Madabout 902-827-5347
RAT Right Ear Glen & Tracey Burton BNB 905-987-3133
RKV Right Ear Cheryl Drake Ashstone 705-534-7654
RSE Right Flank Beverley Sidor Lubbert Tormentil 450-438-8528
RUX Right Ear George Belbin Mollyreach 705-357-1797
RYZ Left Ear Michelle Greeley Phillips Crosstickle 613-659-4372
S5Z Left Ear April MacEachern Highlander 902-435-0761
SZP Right Ear Lynn & Ross Campbell Bigsky 306-931-1157
SUU Left Flank Marie-P Babin Autumwynd 905-683-9018
TC4 Left Ear Heather Evans Azureblue 204-757-4699
TFB Right Ear Lola Nichol-Jones Maktawae 519-426-2857
UKP Left Flank Anne Morrison Caorunn 250-652-3281
VFF Right Ear Jerilyn Delaliaux Loonbay 204-853-2017
W4D Left/Right Ear D. Switzer Labraharvest 403-504-5034
W8E Left/Right Ear Larry and Sue Lawrence Lunaridge 403-281-4809
WJP Right Ear Pierry & Stan McLean Castlegar 519-369-2443
WJV Left/Right Ear Alison Litfin Llanfair 905-527-6323
WMJ pre 2001-Left Ear, 2001- on Left Flank Kim Beverly Pirate 905-476-2255
WP3 Right Ear / Right Flank Tari & Wayne Yates Bralex 705 424-6657
X9K Left Flank Joanne Fernall Devonsleigh 705-639-1210
YBP Left Ear Carole Bernier Bernfield 902-827-3218
YXZ Nancy Miller 519-699-4356

If you are unable to submit information using this form, please e-mail it to Leslie Klodt


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