Stella & Ricky  



Annie was our superstar of a Yorkshire Terrier.  Adopted as a puppy in 1996 from Animal Aid in Burlington, Annie was the apple of our eye. 

Annie was a purebred Yorkie but was quite large for the breed, weighing in at 10 pounds.  The extra size helped her to play and roughhouse with the best of them!

Annie achieved her St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog Certification at two years of age.  Her other jobs included protecting the house from strangers, keeping the Labradors and cats in line and performing tricks with the greatest of ease.  You may have noticed her other favourite pastime - sleeping.

Annie graduated from Level One, Level Two and Agility training at Don't Blame Em Trainem, proving she wasn't only cute, she was smart too!

Annie left us on December 29, 2010. Complications from a congenital liver shunt meant that it was time for us to let her go. She is dearly missed and we feel very fortunate that she was a member of our family for so long.